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Activia Yogurt Is A Bunch Of Hype

In my opinion Activia is probably one of the worst fake healthy foods available on the market. Every single time I see Jamie Lee Curtis shilling this stuff on TV I want to throw a shoe at her. I guess her residuals from Halloween aren’t coming in like they used to so she had to resort to this. The worst part is that Activia knows that what they are promoting isn’t healthy, that the claims that it makes when it comes to helping solve your digestion issues are unsubstantiated. In fact they are so confident that they are lying that they settled out of court a few years ago when they were sued concerning the false claims that they were making about their products. Would you honestly want to buy a product from a company that is this shady?

There are now a wide range of Activia products so I am just going to concentrate on their regular strawberry and their light strawberry varieties. Let’s look at the regular kind first.

The first things that stand out when looking at the ingredients is sugar and fructose. One type of sugar wasn’t good enough so they decided two would be better! That really is an awful lot of sugar for something that is supposed to be healthy and good for you, especially when it is third and fourth on the ingredients list. Is it just me or is there a whole lot of ingredients in it? Yogurt does not that many binders! Also, there is carmine in it, which is a coloring derived from the boiled wings of an insect. It may be a natural way to get a color but if you are a vegetarian that would be something to avoid I would think. The only thing I will give them credit for is that they use real strawberries, however they have added ‘natural flavors’ which kind of messes the whole idea of using real fruit up. Lastly, I want to talk about their patented ingredient, the one they brag about helping your digestive system; bifidus regularis. They claim that this pro-biotic culture helps regulate your digestive system, but this fact is not proven! They are selling this product almost entirely based upon one ingredient that scientifically isn’t proven to help your digestive system. Shame on them! Never mind the fact that for it to supposedly work you have to eat it three times a day for two weeks. Funny, they don’t mention that on their website. Also, some people report getting very bad stomach aches from it, making their digestive systems even worse than they were before they started eating it. This product sure sounds like it’s healthy, doesn’t it?

Their light version of the same product has pretty much the same ingredients. Our friend fructose is there again, but this time he is joined by aspartame AND sucralose. That’s right, not only is their sugar, there are also TWO types of artificial sweeteners! Artificial sweeteners are known to cause a lot of people to have stomach issues, so why would it be in a  product that claims to help balance your digestive system? It makes no sense to me why people would eat this thinking that there stomach issues will get better by doing so.

The fact that there are so many different Activia products around now just proves the fact that the American public do not read labels or do simple research into the claims of the products that they consume.  If people ate more healthy they wouldn’t even need to try eating products such as this that claim to help them digest food better.