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Who Really Owns Alexia Foods?

More and more independent natural and organic food companies are being bought out by huge food conglomerates, so it should come as no surprise for you to find out that Alexia  Foods is now owned by…ConAgra. Yes, that’s right this ‘natural’ food line is owned by the company that has brought you Slim Jim, Chef Boyardee, and Banquet: three food lines whose products contain enough preservatives to embalm you before you die.

I went to Alexia’s website and no where on it does it mention that it is owned by ConAgra.  That is very typical of these large food manufacturers, because they want you to think that their ‘natural’ food lines are independently owned. They think that if their products seem to be produced that way that you the shopper will feel as if you are supporting the little guy. This is what ConAgra says about Alexia Foods on their site:

Today, Alex Dzieduszycki’s thirst for innovation, culinary creativity, and entrepreneurial expression has led him to the creation of Alexia Foods. Alexia is an all-natural, trans-fat-free line of premium frozen products developed for the natural and specialty food consumer with a sophisticated palate. Each Alexia product has been individually crafted by Alex himself to ensure a superior quality product that delivers outstanding flavor in every bite.

I wonder how much money ConAgra gave Dzieduszycki for the company? I guess everybody has their price no matter how much their ‘thirst for innovation’ is. ConAgra has been involved in some major recalls and helped fund the defeat of a bill that would have made companies disclose on their food labels which ingredients are GMO produced. I guess those ‘specialty food consumers with sophisticated palates’ wouldn’t be too thrilled to hear that would they. They have also bribed federal food inspectors and destroyed a historic building in order to make room for their offices. These guys sound like the bullies of the schoolyard, don’t they? Not exactly the image of a nice and small natural food company that’s for certain.  The ingredient lists for the products are not anywhere on the site, which makes me think that they are hiding something. They have the nutritional stats for them, but what is the point of reading that when you don’t know what is inside the bag.

You have to do your homework these days when it comes to the food that you are purchasing. Not only do you have the read the labels, you also have to look behind them.