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Gound Flaxseed Is Nifty!

If you’ve read this blog or my Facebook page you will notice that I mention ground flaxseed quite a bit. The reason? It packs a lot of fiber! Two tablespoons have 6 grams of fiber in it! It helps regulate and protect your digestive tract, is rich in Omega 3 oils and can help regulate hormones. All of that in a little ground seed! When you use flaxseed it is always better to grind it than eat it whole because the husks are tough and you don’t get the benefits of all of the fiber contained in the seeds otherwise. It is sold already ground in stores but it is much cheaper, and very easy, just to buy it in bulk and grind it yourself at home. It should have the consistency of the photo below, and you can store it in a sealed container in your fridge for up to a month. You can put it in your cereal, sprinkle it on pasta, or even add it to ice cream. It’s versatile and has a pleasant nutty flavor. I consider ground flaxseed to be the best healthy food that I have discovered this year and I hope you feel the same way after trying it.