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Food Review: Fakin’ Bacon

I have been attempting to limit my intake of meat so instead of using my usual chicken sausage in my salad I opted for something different; Fakin’ Bacon. This organic product is made from tempeh, which is cooked and fermented soybeans that in this case are formed to resemble bacon strips. Okay, they don’t really resemble bacon strips but it’s the thought that counts, right? Let’s look at the ingredient list:

Organic soy tempeh (cultured organic soybeans, water, organic brown rice), water, organic soy sauce (water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, salt), organic vinegar, organic evaporated cane juice, less than 2% of: spices, beet powder, organic onion powder, salt, natural hickory flavor, yeast extract, lactic acid (from plant sources).Contains: soy, wheat

Well there is nothing totally bad in it unless you don’t eat anything with soy products in it because that is what this mostly is. There is some organic cane juice, but as far as sugars go that is not of the evil variety. All of the ingredients are in fact organic which makes me feel better, since I know that there are no GMO laced bad guys contained within it. Let’s look at the stats next:

Nutrition Facts

Per Single Serving
Serving Size 3 slices (57g)
Servings per package: 3

Nutrition: Amount per Serving Percentage Daily Value
Calories 100
Calories from Fat 25
Fat, g 3 5%
Saturated Fat, g 0
Trans Fatty Acids, g 0
Cholesterol, mg 0
Sodium, mg 470 20%
Potassium, mg* 135 4%
Carbohydrate, g 10 3%
Fiber, g 4 16%
Sugars, g 2
Protein, g 8 16%
Vitamin A, % 0%
Vitamin C, % 4%
Calcium, % 4%
Iron, % 8%

It has some fat, but fat isn’t totally bad for you, and in this it is not of the saturated variety. It’s got quite a bit of sodium, so if you are watching your salt intake it may be best to avoid this product. Otherwise it looks like it really isn’t too bad for you and there is a decent amount of protein in it.

I fried three of these up today and put them in my spinach salad. No, they do not taste like bacon. I used to love bacon and eat it all the time so you can trust my opinion on that! It tastes mainly of soy sauce and smoke. Not altogether a bad taste but it is kind of salty. Make sure you have some water on hand if you eat any of it. I like it enough that I will buy it again because it’s a good source of protein. I found mine at Whole Foods but I have also seen it at Publix and Earth Fare. At all of those places it runs a little over $4.00, so it’s a little pricey for only three servings.


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  1. Um, yeast extract = MSG

  2. Yeast extract is often mistaken with monosodium glutamate (MSG) – a common flavour enhancer – despite the fact that these ingredients differ strongly, both in composition and function. While yeast extract is made up of a rich mix of proteins, vitamins and amino acids, MSG is composed exclusively of glutamate salt. As a result, monosodium glutamate does not have a taste of its own and is only used to make existing flavours stronger.

  3. Yeast Extract
    Food that lists the ingredient yeast extract always contains MSG, according to Vanderbilt University. Although MSG may also be labeled autolyzed yeast, yeast food or yeast nutrient, the common name including the word yeast currently used in processed foods to avoid listing the ingredient as monosodium glutamate is yeast extract. Avoid foods with yeast extract if you have adverse reactions to MSG, even though you find the enhanced flavor highly appealing.

    Read more:


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