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Betty Crocker Hates Me

I have some fond memories of the Betty Crocker brand, despite the fact that I would in no way buy any of their products now. Like the time I used their lemon cake mix to make a lemon-lime soda cake with pineapple curd. That was some pretty yummy stuff, unhealthy but yummy. Or the times in which I was too lazy to make my own cake and bought their pineapple upside-down mix. Well, those warm and fuzzy memories have been torn apart and scattered in the breeze.

I can imagine that you are asking ‘What happened that has traumatized you so much?’. Just the other day I found the Betty Crocker page on Facebook and pressed the ‘like’ button. I do this sort of thing to keep tabs on the unhealthy products that these types of companies are pushing. I then posted on their wall the following message:

If you made organic cake mixes you would make some people very happy. Just Saying. 🙂

Now, I see nothing wrong with what I wrote, I was just trying to tell them that if they made organic cake mixes it would be welcome by a group of people that their current products aren’t geared towards. Soon after that I saw them make a wall post asking ‘moms’ how they felt about one of their ads. I wrote the following response to them:

What about those of us who aren’t moms? *sniffle*

I was genuinely wondering why they would only ask ‘moms’ such a question. Childless women and even men also like cake and all sorts of desserts. I went happily around the net for about twenty minutes afterwards thinking that I had done nothing wrong. Boy, did I have a surprise waiting for me!

Betty Crocker not only deleted both my wall post and my response, they also banned me from making wall posts and made me ‘unlike’ them. Yes, apparently Betty Crocker does not like anybody who mentions the word ‘organic’ or who is not a mom. When a company has a Facebook page one assumes that they are open to discussion about their products and are open to hearing suggestions brought forth by consumers. Apparently the only purpose of their page is to advertise their products and to showcase on it consumers who don’t question what is inside of them. I wonder then how seriously does Betty Crocker actually take the general public? It really seems as if they are living in their own little cake world in which all consumers are happy with their products and will buy any new disgusting concept that they bring forth to the market.

Contending with a questioning consumer is obviously not something Betty Crocker is good at or they wouldn’t have deleted my posts or banned me from posting on their page. I am not a mom and I eat pretty healthy, so I am some sort of exotic beast that they must push out of their cake jungle instead of responding to me and showing me some respect by answering what I wrote. I don’t in any way fit into their demographic, so I must be ignored.

What has this taught me? This whole thing has just confirmed what I have already known; most food companies do not care about what you think at all. They really don’t. As long as there are people out there who will buy and eat their junk they will ignore those who question what they make and how they conduct business. The most important thing that we can do is to keep questioning them and not let them think that we are just going to go away when they ignore us. In order to gain respect you have to give it and I have none for Betty Crocker.


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  1. Great post! It would surprise a lot of people to know that most processed food corporations care NOTHING about the consumer. As long as the profit is rolling in, they prefer to keep people uneducated about the true nature of their products. I too post often on many FB pages and write letters to corporations, but I rarely get any response.

    I have learned that the best thing you can do is save yourself and try to educate others. Most people, unfortunately, just do NOT want to hear the truth. All I can say to them is, “vaya con dios (Spanish for “go with God) with your food choices.” They can’t say I didn’t try to warn them!

    • I think the good thing is that people are starting to wake up. Heck, I ate a lot of junk six months ago and started to realize that if I wanted to be healthy and in shape that I had to start eating way better than I was. Now I’m 40 years old, weigh 114 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. These corporations are all now trying to label themselves as healthy which is a huge joke since the ingredients that they use in their foods are for the most part anything but healthy. My goal now is to tell other people what I have learned and hopefully they will at least listen. 😉

  2. I am a mom with two chronically ill children. Even though my hatred for these evil conglomerates is a constant as ever, I am happy that they now make allergy free mixes (such as gluten free) and organic versions. Their gluten free mixes are horrible for you, perhaps worse than the wheat version. But, I am glad that parents that don’t have access to health food stores or have time or money to make their kids stuff from scratch, have the evil empire to turn to rather than nothing.

    Even though I am their target audience, it pisses me off to hear your story and that poor customer service continues to prevail. I am glad that social media is a place where we can share comments, even though they have blocked you. Twitter is a very powerful tool. I have even set up a blog airing all the dirty laundry and behavior of a local company, knowing full well that my blog will get to the top of the search eventually, and that people will hesitate using them.

    Pepperidge Farms is still number one on my Sh*t list, as they have ignored my certified letters and inquiries for years about why they don’t make a gluten free goldfish. The autism community would make them gazillions of dollars.

    I am so happy I found your blog. It cheered me up today, as for some reason it’s been one of those days.


  3. I wrote in to Betty Crocker about an add they have where a boy is asking for a snack and he is raising his voice saying pleeeeeee…ase throughout the store and I think this is a very poor message to send to children & adults. No child should be able to beg for anything and we as a society just cave so we don’t have to hear it anymore. Well, after going back and forth I’ve just come to realize that they’re just too big. They no longer care about the consumer it’s just about keeping the output high and expense low. I didn’t mention in my emails that I wouldn’t ever make a Betty crocker purchase because the ingredients are all junk but I was hoping they’d care if they thought I was a customer. I use natural & organic they don’t!


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