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Choosing Your Food Battles

For the last few months I have been eating more and more healthy. Six months ago I decided that I wanted to lose 24 pounds and get back into shape. The entire female side of my family is either overweight or obese and for years I dodged the bullet by being naturally skinny. However, once I got into my late 30’s my metabolism slowed down and I found myself gaining weight because I was eating pretty badly. In the beginning I will admit that I tried some diet type foods, such as fat free cheese,etc…, however as time wore on I came to realize that I could regular food. As long as it was healthy and I controlled my portion size I would still lose weight. The only problem was trying to decide what to eat.

We all know that there are a lot of terrible food items out there. We all also know that many supposedly healthy foods have questionable ingredients in them. It becomes overwhelming for the average person to try to figure out which of these ingredients they should try to avoid. There is no way that anybody is going to avoid every single questionable ingredient unless they own their own farm and are making all of their own food. If you are somehow avoiding every single ingredient I applaud you! I think some people give up eating healthy food because they figure that it is too hard trying to keep up with the ‘If you eat this it will hurt you.’ list.

I have figured out a way through all of this; pick your own personal food battles. Yes, it is always great to be able to buy organic food that doesn’t have GMO’s, but realistically that can be a very difficult task. I try to buy organic foods whenever possible but sometimes the food that I need isn’t available as an organic option. Picking your food battles allows you to take baby steps toward your healthy eating goal. Maybe you’ll just stick to that same level forever, and that’s fine because you are doing your best to try to eat healthy. Maybe your first food battle will lead to yet another one and another one until you are eating as healthy as you possibly can.

Here is the list of the foods and ingredients that I refuse to eat:



HFCS or any type of corn syrup

artificial sweeteners


BHT and BHA*

bleached flour of any kind

artificial dyes (I’m just beginning my battle with this one)

Those are my battles. My future battle plan includes getting a bread maker so that I can avoid all of the things that are put into bread these days, and in a few months I will be baking my own muffins and bakery goods if I want to eat something of that nature. I want to start controlling what goes into my body more instead of depending on others to do that for me.

I hope that this post inspires you to choose your own food battles. No matter what battle you chose to fight in the end you are trying to eat more healthy and that is what counts. By the way, I lost all the weight and am now probably in the best shape of my life.

* Link to info about TBHQ

* Link to info about BHT and BHA


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  1. I”m curious – why no beef or turkey? Do you object to the way it is raised commercially, or is there some other reason? Pasture-raised, grass-fed meat and poultry are becoming more and more available.

    • I really haven’t liked beef, taste wise, since I was a kid. The only beef I would eat was ground, so I just decided to give it up. Turkey mainly because of taste also.

  2. Good luck with your dietary changes, it starts small…and the more you pay attention to your body and how you feel…based on what you ate the previous day, the more you realize what the things that made you feel bad and overweight to begin with.

    For me, going gluten free was the biggest help of all…I started eating more fruits, then figured out, its not just the gluten making me sick and fat, it was the basic thing fructose intolerence…. gluten breaks down to similar properites of frutose and why they both make me sick. Doctors for years never mentioned a connection to my MANY disabling illnesses as my diet could be making me sick. No, they want to do surgeries, and load me up on drugs…thats how they support their family, to keep me sick.

    I have found that I feel great now for the first time in 15 years by simply NOT eating bread, pasta, ANY thing pre mixed in a package or gravy… and reading labels to figure out all the long chemical names for gluten in disguise, like modifed corn starch…msg….etc, etc and etc. those are just the ones I can spell…lol.

    I am now doing the LOW FODMAP diet (Shepard, australia) and studies back it up… My best advice, is for three weeks, stick to rice products and chicken and HEALTHY salads/eggs and only hard cheeses…and the veggies on the safe list for the low fodmap…then, every three days add in a new food and see how it makes you feel…once you feel good, there is a rare day when I will “cheat”, but those are the days I am too tired…but after suffereing so many symtpoms for the next three days including insomnia…that is what makes my new diet so easy to stick to…eat this and be sick for days,,,,,or eat that and feel great and sleep well….


    PS there are many gluten free breads and crackers, such as Sesmark savory rice thins…love those for crackers, and Against the Grain sesame bagels…those are the best..there are many GF breads but hard to find one that is good…some of Udi’s breads are pretty good, others are aweful. Making your own GF breads is best if you can.


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