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The Lie That Is Fiber One

It seems like everybody sings the praises of Fiber One cereal, and all of the other related products of the same line, as a good source of fiber. However, I would like to argue that nothing could be further from the truth. Here I am going to discus the original cereal and the new 90 calorie Fiber One brownies that everybody in the online diet food community is talking about.

Let’s tackle that ‘deliciously simple’ cereal first, shall we? Here are the ingredients and stats:

Now, on the surface it may seem healthy by just looking at the stats since it has no sugar and 14 grams of fiber, however if you slide on over to the ingredients it’s a different story. Look closely and you will see that it contains aspartame. So that’s why it has no sugar! To market their product and sell it to the diet crowd they created a concoction that bills itself as nutritious and yet contains a very controversial ingredient. I have been eating pretty healthy for the last six months and not once have I tried this ‘cereal’, because of that one ingredient. Doctors and nutritionists who recommend this cereal really ought to be ashamed of themselves for promoting it since aspartame causes headaches and stomach issues for a pretty good percentage of people. Also there is the ‘color added’ bit. What the heck is that? Where does that coloring agent come from and why does it even need to be there?  This fake healthy breakfast cereal has launched more products than you can shake a stick at, so let’s look at those brownies:

First off you can see that ‘wheat flour bleached’ is the first ingredient. That’s just another term for white flour with minerals and vitamins added to it. The process that creates it makes a product that is not as healthy or nutritious as regular whole wheat flour. Next there is our old friend chicory root which causes gas and bloating in a lot of people. There are a lot of people that complain about some Fiber One products making them toot night and day and this is why. Then there are the chocolate flavored chips. They are using fake chocolate chips! Personally, if I am eating a brownie with chocolate chips I at least want real chocolate chips in it. Overall it’s not a very healthy product and not especially good for you.

Instead of buying into the Fiber One hype think of more creative ways to add fiber to you daily diet. I add ground flaxseed to my cereal every morning. Two tablespoons contain 6 grams of fiber and it’s a natural way to get it into your system instead of combining it with another ingredient that could make you ill. So, along with my high fiber Kashi cereal I am getting just about the same amount of fiber than is in a serving of Fiber One.

Fiber One is nothing but a fake ‘health’ product that needs to be exposed for what it is; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Websites and people who endlessly promote it as a healthy breakfast choice, and all around recipe ingredient, don’t care about your health if they want you to eat this.


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  1. You have to be a little mindful of the Kashi products too. Awhile back, they were put on the spot when questioned about using GMO ingredients. Kashi will not go on record to say that they “do” or “don’t” use GMO soy, corn, and canola.

    “All Natural” or “Natural” does not mean safe from pesticides or GMOs. Kashi is also guilty of attempting to deceive the public, too. It’s sad, because I used to like a lot of their products.

    • Oh I know. Right now my food battle isn’t with GMO ingredients.For right now Kashi will do because it’s fairly cheap for me to buy and it’s healthier than a lot of other cereals. I try to buy organic when I can. 😉

      • Your argument is weak sauce. Do a little more research because I wouldn’t call aspertame and coloring LIES! Geez!

  2. I thought that aspartame caused CANCER!

    • MSG Monosodium Glutamate found in chips, noodles and ready made seasoned meat or pizza causes cancer, irritability, restlessness, and hard to retain memory. Stay away from Monosodium Glutamate MSG.

  3. haha. Please show me the medical proof that shows Aspartame causes cancer. Proof, please.

  4. I’ve been ingesting aspertame for 20 yrs. But it has never affected me, affected me, affected me, affected me, affected me, affected me, affected me… eyayayayayayayayayblahhhh… lol..

  5. Same here! I am a type 1 diabetic and have no choice in the matter.Aspartame got this bad name because the study they did fed rats tons of the stuff.No normal person would ingest that much aspartame,so stop giving it a bad rap!

  6. The Fiber One cereal in Canada contains sucrolose which is basically Splenda.Sucrolose may still be a form of sugar but the increase in blood sugar is subtle and is safe for all diabetics!

  7. Brian P. Rabbit

    Actually, aspartame is not controversial. While Wikipedia itself is not considered a great source, it is considered for /sources/ and the material it references all point in the same direction: aspartame is generally safe. Cf.,

  8. As I know and met people who are suffering from psoriasis so I searched about this illness.

  9. Navy maintains no such experiment occurred. Only in the final decade has there been
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  10. Aside from the protein, eggs also have a healthful reserve of Omega 3 fatty acids, which
    is very good for the heart and boosts power levels.

    • Eggs are very high in cholesterol. I take a statin drug for high cholesterol and generally avoid eggs. I eat maybe 2 eggs a month (of course there is also egg is a lot of packaged foods like crackers). It’s too bad because otherwise eggs are great for you.

  11. This is the initial and most typical cause for avoiding meals.

  12. The Fiber One in Windsor Ontario contains sucrose and not aspartame.I still would not have any problem eating this cereal.I add my own
    Splenda to the cereal as I find they didn’t put enough in it.

  13. Wowzaaaaa! & I ate two so far today and I’m feeling good baby! There not as healthy but hey there still good once in a while better than candy!!!

    #notashealthyaswethought #stillbetterthancandybars #stillhelpsmepoop #constipstionsux #yumyumtreat #fiberonebrownieisstillgoodonceinawhile #ratherhaveafiberonebarthansnickers #flushthattoilet #cookingfiberonecookieslater #teamfiberone

  14. I hertily disagree with this article. I have been eating Fiber One for years, it is excellent as a food to make you feel Super full, so you are satiated. Also, you will NEVER be constipated if you eat this cereal, especially with Yodurt and Fruit mixed in. I also use it ground up in my homemade Bread, it is fantastic.

    • I agree with Dan.I eat Fiber One cereal every morning and it keeps me full til the next meal.I am a diabetic and the more fiber there is in food the better.It keeps the blood sugar stable and it doesn’t cause high blood sugar swings.

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  16. yesterday at Walmart I bought some Fiber One cereal because on the front of the box it had a big sticker that said no aspartame, this is great no more aspartame and its really good!


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