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Tip Of The Week

My small bowl.

This is going to be a weekly feature in which I give you a tip when it comes to food and nutrition. I have either figured it out all by myself or have gleaned it from the web at one point or another.

My first tip is that you buy small plates and bowls. Why? The smaller the bowl or plate the larger your portion of food will look. Have you ever had a portion of food in a regular sized bowl and it looked tiny and pathetic? If you follow my advice you won’t have that problem any longer because your brain will be fooled into thinking that the portion size is completely normal and not small at all. This way you can eat more healthy because you won’t be adding more food to your large bowl in order to make it seem ‘normal’. Believe it or not plates and bowls today are far larger than say those made in the 50’s or 60’s because the makers of them think that all of us want to eat larger portions of food like those served in restaurants today. I followed this tip six months ago and it works like a charm! My boyfriend and I threw away all of our old bowls and plates and replaced them with the thick plastic kind that they sell at Target for outdoor eating. In a few months I’ll be able to buy some real small bowl and plate dishes. I’m just giddy thinking about it!

EDIT: Found out at work that GMA is going to run a segment this morning on this very subject! I wrote out the text of this post two days ago, so are they reading my mind? Am I actually going to have to wear a tinfoil hat from now on? *ponders*


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